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Here is a beautiful short film that shows the power of  food to invoke and honor memories, as well as food as an expression of culture. There are no words in this short film- demonstrating the universal sentiments.

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This video is a multifaceted portrait of theologian, woodsman, shaman, social worker, and philosopher Stephen Jenkinson.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia, the film brings you along on an ongoing discussion between the filmmaker and Stephen, as he elucidates his philosophy on embracing life through developing a realistic and fearless appreciation of death. The intimate  and love -generating relationship between grief and gratitude is revealed as “natural” and available for anyone who liberates themselves from the modern death trade which keeps us in denial and fearful of this inevitable aspect of life.

Challenging and inspiring, we see Stephen walk with those confronting death as he beckons us all consider our inevitable death as our most “prized possession.”

Griefwalker, distributed by Alive Mind, wwwlalivemind.net

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