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And who doesn’t need the simple gift of grace, especially when it comes wrapped in the captivating, heavenly compelling magic of the Tango!??

That simple gift of grace is medicine for more than downed spirits of a lonely heart or the pining over a lost love–it’s also REAL MEDICINE-

Tango is being used therapeutically with people suffering with Parkinson’s Disease.
Studies have shown that the pleasurable effects of tango decreased falls, shuffling, and improved balance and that the experience of dancing with a partner increased desire to exercise and  participate with others.

Look here at Washington University School of Medicine?play=tango

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“I’ve written How to Be Sick to help inspire the chronically ill and their caregivers as they meet the challenges posed by any chronic illness or condition…..”  These honest, friendly  and noble words greet readers of this unusual memoir written by Toni Bernhard.

After becoming ill in May 2001, Toni began her challenge of living with chronic illness –  and delving into the depths of the Buddha’s teaching

Though blurbs on the cover of the book say, true enough, that  “Readers need not be Buddhist to benefit…” regardless —  for readers with any sort of meditation practice, How to Be Sick has the truth and clarity of  applied physics. The art of meditation becomes more than philpsophical; and the insights and clarity gained from a  meditation practice are shared with undeniable authenticity.

We are all scared of chronic illness. And those of us who have cared for loved ones who had such suffering have met personal challenge and limitation. How to Be Sick illuminates that shared experience of chronic illness and offers hope that there is a way to walk that most unwelcomed path with real courage and grace.

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