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This is a lovely book, Lastingness, The Art of Old Age by Nicholas Delbanco. The author shares his  lifelong and  deep appreciation of  artists and their work. He also shares  personal reflections, memories and  philosophical musings  about meaning, creativity and productivity. He lovingly takes us through a selected gallery of artists who shared “… some common denominator, some stubborn refusal to retire or let well enough alone.”

The title may sound resonate of the term coined by satirist Stephen Colbert’s, “truthiness”, alluding to strong opinions based on strong hunches or gut feelings. But Truthiness feels  dangerous, and Lastingness is warm, and  invokes the comfort of mindful and honest reflection.

There aren’t any answers or grand conclusions here. The author speculates about the  insights brain science might reveal  about the resilience of a creative mind rather than reference the science that IS now available; and he avoids the digital  briar patch and the implications that now artwork never dies and can  live forever in digital form. Instead,  Lastingness invites the reader to take some time and reflect, appreciate, and bring a heightened value  to the short amount of time we have to muse,  to create, and to appreciate how art can move the human soul, motivate the heart, and challenge the mind.

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Found Mandala Rhythms video at YouTube, produced by Blue Ray Studio.

It’s an  enchanting visual  invitation to transition from mundane preoccupations  a more creative thinking.

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