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Passages in Caregiving, Turning Chaos into Confidence, by Gail Sheehy; William Morrow, 2010.

Gail Sheehy has changed the face of caregiving with the publication of her new book; Passages in Caregiving, as she champions those who make the caregiving passage.

Passages in Caregiving is an illuminating and moving account that reveals the labyrinth of caregiving —  the twists, turns, circular spinning, and unexpected directions caregivers are compelled to follow, and respond to.

Based upon her 17-years of experience caregiving for her husband Clay, including four grueling rounds of cancer, Sheehy weaves a tapestry of anecdotes, advice , memoir and love story.

Passages in Caregiving is organized by eight  turning points  that create the caregiving labyrinth. From “Shock and Mobilization” to the “Long Good-Bye” her well-researched manner helps us navigate  the labyrinth with a sense of balance and equanimity.

In Passages in Caregiving,  Sheehy once again has chronicled  a major turning point of our modern society. With this current adaptation of her franchise “Passages” she has met her intention to “illuminate the challenges and rewards inherent in the caregiving passage-to identify universal patterns in the chaos and give the journey a form that makes sense.”

You can purchase Passages in Caregiving

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This video is a multifaceted portrait of theologian, woodsman, shaman, social worker, and philosopher Stephen Jenkinson.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia, the film brings you along on an ongoing discussion between the filmmaker and Stephen, as he elucidates his philosophy on embracing life through developing a realistic and fearless appreciation of death. The intimate  and love -generating relationship between grief and gratitude is revealed as “natural” and available for anyone who liberates themselves from the modern death trade which keeps us in denial and fearful of this inevitable aspect of life.

Challenging and inspiring, we see Stephen walk with those confronting death as he beckons us all consider our inevitable death as our most “prized possession.”

Griefwalker, distributed by Alive Mind, wwwlalivemind.net

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