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Number Our Days: A Triumph of Continuity and Culture Among Jewish Old People in an Urban Ghetto, By Barbara Myerhoff, Simon and Schuster, NY. 1978.

NUMBER OUR DAYS shares the stories of members of the Allyah Israel Levin Jewish Senior Center in Venice, California.  Anthropologist Barbara Myerhoff gives us a portrait of a community in flux. Most of the members of the Center are old, well into their 70s. They struggle with illness, financial hardship, and neglect in a surrounding neighborhood that is eroding in a dramatic, and dangerous socioeconomic downward shift in the 1970s.

But they face their challenges with pluck and courage; fiercely identifying themselves, still, as “doers” and “givers” – not “takers.”

This book was the inspiration for Transitional Keys. Myerhoff,  a student of culture, notices, and values, the personal and secular rituals the elders create and perform to bring meaning and integrity to their private, inner lives, and to their community.

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